You should know the drill by now: open the playlist, scroll down to #148 and press play. Let Week Four begin!

This week has been incredible if you love whacking an album onto the stereo and listening to it in full; Mark Ronson, Aqualung, Sleater-Kinney, Belle & Sebastian, and Above + Beyond have all issued some great captivating listens that smack of a dance or two.

Fun facts about this week’s playlist:

1. Chimes – Silvia is a guest pic by BBC Introducing in Kent extraordinaire Abbie McCarthy. She actually had three picks but the others weren’t on Spotify. BOOOO.

2. Children are regularly conceived to the sound of Above & Beyond. But, that’s ok because they produce some of the most beautiful trance sounds in the universe.

3. What If and God Help The Girl are two of the most brilliant twee Indie films of the last decade. In them, Daniel Radcliffe and Emily Browning, separately give two standout performances, and their soundtracks are so expertly crafted.

4. Sia‘s version of Chandelier is brilliant pop music. Deal with it.